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Members of the PAC Contractors Association manufacture and sometimes install metal roofing under the PAC-CLAD brand along with other metal components and details for buildings throughout the United States. Association members manufacture products to the same specifications as products made in a Petersen Aluminum plant. Where applicable, products produced by association members carry the PAC-CLAD warranty.

Members provide Petersen products and services to customers not located near a Petersen plant, thereby eliminating potentially prohibitive cost and logistical issues for their customers. Potential contractor and non-contractor members are reviewed by Petersen and approved only after meeting all qualification standards. Products produced by association members come with an extensive third-party quality assurance program, and comply with relevant codes where applicable, including Miami-Dade, Florida Building Code, the International Building Code and others.

Benefits of becoming a PAC Contractors Association member include:

  • Providing customers with Petersen products and warranties, including weathertightness
  • Elimination of costly flatbed services for customers
  • Efficient order turnaround time
  • Accurate control of project timetables
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You can find all Petersen Aluminum's Products at www.pac-clad.com
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