Quality Assurance

All PAC Contractor Association members take on the role as manufacturer and thereby recognize and accept the need for independent third-party quality assurance (QA). This component of the Association brings added credibility to each member and is highly sought after by architects, engineers, owners and your local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). Quality assurance is a requirement of the International Building Code (IBC), the Florida Building Code (FBC), and many regional and local building departments, It’s a requirement that is growing in popularity with AHJs across the country more and more each day. The Association offers two options when it comes to independent third-party QA entities. Both Keystone Certifications and Miami-Dade County are approved to provide oversight in this regard. While both are nationally recognized QA entities, they have distinct differences. Members seeking a connection to Florida Product Approvals would sign-on with Miami-Dade receiving their own NOAs tied to a variety of system assemblies. Members that don't want this connection would sign-up with Keystone Certifications and may need job-specific engineering to meet certain wind-load and design requirements.